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We are The Earth Friends, a group of nine girls and boys who like to play and work hard together. We love you and we love Mother Earth. Every part of us is either organic or recycled. Our hair is made from organic cotton, our fabric skin is made from a hemp and organic cotton blend. Our cool clothes are made from organic cotton and recycled cottons from remnant fabrics. Every Earth Friend comes with a tree planting kit in their backpack. This way you become an Earth Friend too by planting trees and creating shade and habitat and beauty and all the other wonderful attributes of trees.

Our creation was inspired by the love of children and the earth. We were created in 1998 by an eco-artsy mom in Southern California and developed by an eco-savvy mom in Northern California. We are here because moms love their kids and want to give them the best tools to teach them valuable lessons. The Earth Friends help parents around the world have fun and educate their kids about respect for Nature.

Join The Earth Friends in learning to honor ourselves, each other and our planet. You can sign up to join our treehouse below and we will keep you up to date with newsletters and special offers. Thank you for becoming an Earth Friend.

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